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Trap Mouse - Small- 3 Pack
Trap Mouse - Small- 3 Pack

Trap Mouse - Small- 3 Pack

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2" Body.

Size 2 short shank hook.

The Small Trap Mouse came about as I discovered that many times, fish wanted a smaller offering on the surface. Mice and voles often produce four or more litters of pups each year, and the juveniles are evidently pretty helpless when they first leave the nest less than a month after their birth. Maybe this is why sometimes even huge trout key in on these smaller mice. Additionally, I have found this size to be better when targeting smaller fish that might struggle to commit or succeed in eating a larger mouse. If you are targeting Brookies or Rainbows on mice, you will definitely want some of these in your arsenal. Just as my other patterns do, the Small Trap Mouse incorporates a glowing tab that gives you a huge leg up on reading water currents, avoiding obstructions while casting, getting your fly tight to the bank or working around structure... and of course, watching it disappear into the jaws of a nocturnal predator.