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Trap Sculpin- 2 Pack

Trap Sculpin- 2 Pack

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Size 4 rear, Size 2 Front.

The Trap Sculpin is the product of lots and lots of iterations of sculpin designs with the goal in mind of creating lateral  bulk without compromising castability or swimming action. Because the bulky spun hair head and synthetic pectoral fins push so much water, its long marabou tail flutters and twitches enticingly  in the vortex without the need for any fancy stripping technique. In many rivers, trout feast on an abundance of sculpins, and they learn to key in on the profile and movement natural sculpins exhibit. By using a fly that is so bulky up front, the angler is able to engage fish using their lateral line by making a disturbance the trout can feel in the water. This gives the Trap Sculpin a significant edge in attracting predators over flies that only engage visually.