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Trap Rat - Large - 2 Pack
Trap Rat - Large - 2 Pack

Trap Rat - Large - 2 Pack

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Size 2 stinger hook, size 1 rear hook, 55mm shank.

4" body, 7" total length. 

The trap rat is my answer to a fully grown mouse fly pattern. The body material sheds water very well on the first false cast, making it substantially easier to throw than any other large mouse pattern I have found. 

Anyone who has spent much time fishing large top water flies for trout can tell you that one of the biggest challenges is converting strikes to successful hookups and in turn, landed fish. The trap rat has a stiff but flexible tail, punctuated with an ultra sharp stinger hook. Many fish that just swipe at the fly sideways, or nip the tail are securely pinned by this hook. Over half the fish I catch on this pattern are hooked this way. Fish that take the whole fly in their mouth find the rear hook securely in the corner of the mouth. 

After dozens and dozens of iterations and variations of different arrangements of hooks, this one has risen to the top as one of the most consistent fish catchers. 

As with all my night time top water patterns, the trap rat incorporates a glowing tab so you can put it where it needs to be and effectively cover water to find that mammal-eating fish of a lifetime!