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White River Mouse Fishing-Guided Trips

White River Mouse Fishing

The White River is world renowned for its giant Brown Trout. For the last two years, I have spent my summer and fall guiding anglers of all skill levels chasing fish into 20+lb range on mouse flies. I am going to be running a short stint this summer, 2023, as well, but with very limited availability.

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Because I am now operating solo, I will have ultimate flexibility to tailor your trip. If you want to catch double digit Brown Trout on a mouse fly in public water, I am the guy you want rowing and coaching you. Although the river is virtuallly filled with massive Brown Trout, convincing them to eat a fly is a challenge that demands an dedicated approach and quite a bit of technique. Mid Summer power generation typically has the water flowing substantially all night during our timeframe- making the river safer to run and lending greater opportunity to catch wizened Brown Trout on the banks.

Fortunately, the White River also offers an incredible Sulphur Mayfly hatch during this time. I like to take clients out in the afternoon and evening for a few hours to experience numerous pods of greedy, 17-24" browns frantically slurping size 16 mayflies. It is a great way to calm the nerves, catch some gorgeous fish sight fishing small dries, and prepare for a night chasing monsters. 

Not every fish we catch is a giant. A typical night on the river during mid summer will see between 5 and 20 Brown Trout landed using mouse flies. most of these fish are 17-22" long. The opportunity to catch good numbers of these cookie cutter fish while prospecting for a trophy makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Trip Details

All trips are double occupancy and include two private bedrooms at a nice riverfront rental. I provide all fishing gear (top notch rods, reels, line, flies, etc) for both day and night fishing. I provide all meals (Emma, my wife, is a culinary genius and loves to spoil guests with her talent), snacks, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. The point of all this is that I take care of everything, so you can focus on fishing and enjoying yourself. 

Two Full nights, Three Calendar Days: $1,750 per angler

Three Full nights, Four Calendar Days: $2,500 per angler

Four Full nights, Five Calendar Days: $3,000 per angler

I guide out of a decked out, highly modified Hog Island Skiff with a 60/40 Jet Outboard. My boat is set up with interior red lights for your safety, with exterior submerged lighting and coast guard spec lights to aid in navigation and landing fish.

Nights in the middle of summer are typically very pleasant. Because the river flows cold from the depths of Bull Shoals Lake, the gorge surrounding the river quickly stratifies and temperatures drop from what you would expect in Arkansas to a comfortable 60-70 degrees. Most nights, we finish out the morning wearing jackets and light rain gear to keep the fog and dew at bay.

Please reach out and lets get you on the books! 

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