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White River Mouse Fishing-Guided Trips

White River Mouse Fishing

The White River is world renowned for its giant Brown Trout. For the last three years, I have spent my summer guiding anglers of all skill levels chasing fish into 20+lb range on mouse flies. I am going to be running trips in 2024, as well, but with very limited availability.

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Because I am operating solo, I will have ultimate flexibility to tailor your trip. If you want to catch double digit Brown Trout on a mouse fly in public water, I am the guy you want rowing and coaching you. If you want to learn and improve your mousing skills, I pride myself on being a great teacher. If you want to do a little bit of everything and just enjoy your time away from home and catch fish, thats what we will do. Although the river is practically filled with massive Brown Trout, convincing them to eat a fly is a challenge that demands a dedicated approach and quite a bit of technique. I have the time and experience on the river to know it so intimately that I can give anglers of any skill level opportunities to catch big, beautiful browns on mice. 

I like to take clients out in the afternoon and evening for a few hours to experience numerous pods of greedy, 17-24" browns frantically slurping bugs on the surface. It is a great way to calm the nerves, catch some gorgeous fish sight fishing small dries, and prepare for a night chasing monsters. The White River Valley is really beautiful, and you mostly miss that in the dark. Catching large fish on tiny dries in the slick, fast flows isn’t usually easy, but it’s always so rewarding to see the river in daylight, and observe fish behavior. It’s been my experience that people who prioritize spending some time out on the water in the daytime as well as the night will have more fun and catch more big fish than those who exclusively fish for a giant at night.

Not every fish we catch is a giant. A typical night on the river during mid summer will see between 5 and 15 Brown Trout landed using mouse flies. most of these fish are 16-23" long. For many anglers, these fish are reason enough to mouse fish the White River. I’ve come to believe that day in and day out, there is no other fly fishing tactic on the river that yields 20” brown trout as consistently as mouse fishing. For so many reasons, the river is a perfect mouse fishery.

Trip Details

All trips are double occupancy and include two private bedrooms at a nice riverfront rental. I provide all fishing gear (top notch rods, reels, line, flies, etc) for both day and night fishing. I provide all meals (Emma, my wife, is a culinary genius and loves to spoil guests with her talent), snacks, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. The point of all this is that I take care of everything, so you can focus on fishing and enjoying yourself. My guided trips are not cheap, and I do not cut any corners. From the second you arrive to the time you leave, I am 100% at your service. I stay in the same house you will be staying in during your trip, and love spending lots of time with every guest who walks through our doors. 

Two Full nights, Three Calendar Days: $2,000 per angler

Three Full nights, Four Calendar Days: $2,850 per angler

Four Full nights, Five Calendar Days: $3,600 per angler

New for 2024, I will be guiding out of a brand new Stealthcraft Powerdrifter outfitted with an outboard jet, high capacity trolling motor, oars, electric winch anchor, and outfitted with custom interior and exterior lighting. After doing this for a number of years, I am able to implement a lot of small improvements in this boat which will result in a cleaner, easier experience for you as an angler- with less things to get your line tangled on, and every possible advantage to score on one of the river’s giant resident brown trout. 

Nights in Arkansas are typically a very pleasant temperature. The river fog completely prevents mosquitoes and other biting flies from finding us in the river- in fact, there are hardly any mosquitoes in the area at all. Night time temps can range from 70 degrees down into the 40s. Although it can get hot in the daytime, air temps right on the river keep it much cooler than the surrounding area. The White River has an incredibly consistent temperature regime- it never tops 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and rarely hits 60 in the reach we fish even in the peak of summer heat. While western rivers are on hoot owl restrictions for 70+, the White River Brown Trout are safely enjoying water temperatures in the 50s. 

Please reach out and lets get you on the books! 

fill out the contact form below, or send me an email: trouttrapflies@gmail.com