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Trap Frog
Trap Frog

Trap Frog

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1.5" Body, 4.5" Total Length.

35mm Shank, dual horizontal size 2 leg hooks

Frogs are residents of many waters where trophy trout, bass, and pike occur. While fly anglers regularly imitate mice or use frog patterend poppers, flies that truly capture the body profile and behavior of frogs are seemingly absent. I believe that in many cases, fish eat a lot more frogs than they do mice. The Trap Frog is a truly unique frog fly pattern because it sits low in the water with its head poking through the surface, with its front legs sprawled out and back legs dangling below. The Trap Frog incorporates a soft, flexible body that sheds water easily and resembles the slick bumpy skin of a frog. The dual leg hooks are articulated parallel to one another on a horizontal plane with the body of the fly, and both undulate independently but are unable to tangle on the hip joint. As with all my night fishing topwater patterns, the Trap frog has a glowing foam tab on top of its head allowing the angler to see the fly.